Family Owned and Operated
MiTek is a family-owned and operated business that is able to keep a clear vision without interference from outside investors for more than 40 years. MiTek is the parent company to numerous specialized audio companies sold in over 80 countries worldwide. MiTek Corporation's experience in designing, manufacturing, and selling high performance commercial, mobile, residential, marine, and motorsports audio has created some of the best equipment on the market.

From the simple beginnings of building speakers from a rural garage to becoming one of the nation's largest U.S. manufacturers of audio products; MiTek Corporation has maintained its dedication to high performance products and customer satisfaction.

Mitek Map
Operating Across the U.S. and Around the World
MiTek operates four main facilities strategically located around the United States allowing us to operate efficiently and effectively in delivering product and support to our domestic customers.

Many departments are spread across multiple facilities allowing for multiple touchpoints for our teams to interact with our customers:
  • Phoenix, AZ - Sales, Marketing, Electrical Engineering, Manufacturing, and Customer Service
  • Ennis, TX - Engineering, Marketing, Purchasing, Training, Shipping, and Customer Service
  • Louisville, KY - Engineering, Purchasing, Training, Shipping, and Customer Service
  • Winslow, IL - Administration, Engineering, Credit, Purchasing, Shipping, and Customer Service
Additionally, MiTek operates four international facilities that cater to and support specific world regions, ensuring that customers everywhere get the support they need for the MiTek products they want.
  • MiTek Australia - Located in Melbourne, supports Australia and New Zealand in both consumer and commercial markets.
  • MiTek Europe - Located in Paris, France supports Europe, Russia, the Middle East, India, and North Africa's consumer markets.
  • MiTek Asia - Located in Bangkok, Thailand supports countries in Asia and Oceania in both consumer and commerical markets.
  • MiTek China - Located in Huizhou, China supports commercial audio distribution in China and works with our domestic engineers and Chinese vendors to ensure product quality.