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AtlasIED is the combination of two widely recognized leaders in the commercial audio world, Atlas Sound and Innovative Electronic Designs (IED). Both companies have been collaborating for decades and have grown to be two of the most successful commercial audio manufacturers. Atlas Sound has become the largest commercial audio provider spanning small businesses to the largest enterprises while Innovative Electronic Designs (IED) has been known as the leader in mass notification systems in airports, corporations, and government institutions. For 80+ years, both companies have been installed in more than one million businesses. In 2009, Atlas Sound and IED became sister companies operating independently with combined oversight at the executive management level. As technologies continued to integrate together, both organizations united forces. In 2015, Atlas Sound and IED combined our sales, marketing, and support teams. Today, AtlasIED provides better service to you and the various market segments that we serve.
Airport and Mass Transit Installations Around the World
Worldwide Installations
MiTek products are found in buildings around the world, from hospitals to schools, convention centers to airports and everything in between. MiTek products provide solutions for paging, background music, sound reinforcement, sound masking, mass notification, and emergency communications. Every year billions of people around the world interact with our commercial audio solutions without even knowing it.
Innovative Solutions

AtlasIED is driven by innovation. We are continuously developing new technologies that provide time saving methods that benefit you and our dealer network.  Our innovative solutions focus on everyday use cases and how our products can cut down installation times, reduce maintenance requirements, increase productivity, and provide you long-lasting reliability. We have products in airports and government facilities that are over 50 years old and still working as if they were brand new.
Over 2000 Products
Over 2000 Products

At AtlasIED, our Business Music Solutions set the industry standard which is why more than 1 million businesses worldwide have chosen us as their provider. With a 45-year rich history of product innovation, AtlasIED provides over 2,000 product offerings and a team of experts to match the right solution for your exact business. Our systems easily interface with any high-quality digital commercial music service and provide a superb sounding system that impresses customers and improves employee satisfaction.