AtlasIED Becomes Distributor of InformaCast Emergency Mass Notification Software from Singlewire Software

Phoenix, AZ – When emergencies occur, every second counts. To provide commercial integrators of AtlasIED’s award-winning IPX Series of products with an enhanced method of mass notification of life safety information, AtlasIED now offers Singlewire’s InformaCast software. An ideal complement to AtlasIED’s IPX platform of IP endpoints, InformaCast delivers audible and visual alerts to both on-premise and mobile devices to ensure that information concerning lockdowns, evacuations, intruders, live shooters, severe weather, and other critical situations reaches everyone quickly and reliably. Both IPX and InformaCast integrate seamlessly with existing VoIP and other traditional networks, enabling integrators to easily implement a complete emergency notification system within schools, healthcare facilities, and industrial environments.

AtlasIED Singlewire InformaCast software for IPX Series

As distributor of the Singlewire InformaCast software, AtlasIED offers integrators and resellers the convenience of purchasing a complete life safety solution from a single source. Moreover, AtlasIED’s Engineered Solutions & Services (ESS) department is available to assist integrators with the design and implementation of InformaCast and IPX for a comprehensive UC environment.

AtlasIED IPX Series IP-enabled speakers and displays for emergency messaging

"As a natural extension of our IPX Series, the Singlewire InformaCast software helps integrators provide their commercial customers with an enhanced mass communications solution, with advanced emergency notification features,” says AtlasIED VP of IP Endpoints Alex Puorro. “The software amplifies the capabilities of not only IPX endpoints, but an entire communications network, making the IPX-InformaCast combination a great life safety addition for schools, industries, and healthcare facilities.”

Adds Singlewire Software Pat Scheckel, EVP Product Management and Marketing, “With this partnership, AtlasIED representatives will gain several key features and use cases, including automated weather alerting from the National Weather Service, broadcast audio to IP phones, robust notifications to and from mobile phones, and integrations with collaboration platforms like Cisco Webex Teams and Microsoft Teams.”

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