AVNation & AVNetwork Recognize AtlasIED UC System in DFW Airport

AtlasIED Headquarters, Phoenix AZ - AVNetwork published an article about the unification of the enterprise paging and EVAC systems at Dallas/Fort Worth International airport which prompted a discussion on AVNation.

For more information about this DFW Airport project, CLICK HERE


About AtlasIED

AtlasIED is a global electronics manufacturer providing comprehensive audio solutions for commercial businesses. We save organizations time and money with effective use of audio communication systems, while also helping to maintain a safe work environment. This is accomplished with our industry-leading mass notification, life safety, VoIP and speech privacy systems. Our technologies seamlessly interface and integrate into existing and future analog and IT-based infrastructures.

Our systems are used by the largest enterprise businesses such as Fortune 1000 companies, schools, universities, manufacturing plants, public transportation hubs, sports arenas, hospitals, hotels, and large retail chain stores. We also work in smaller businesses like your local coffee shop, bar, restaurant, and house of worship.

At AtlasIED, we care about every business size and we want each of them to not only survive - we want them to thrive.

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