AtlasIED Introduces NEW Compact Amplified Sound Masking System

AtlasIED Introduces NEW Compact Amplified Sound Masking System

AtlasIED, the world leader in speech privacy systems, is pleased to introduce the NEW compact ASP-MG2240 Amplified Sound Masking System. It incorporates all the technologies for a professional-grade speech privacy system covering up to 7,500 square feet for applications such as:

•Business offices
•Call centers
•Counseling centers
•Medical offices
•Judicial offices
•Conference and board

The ASP-MG2240 is ultra-compact taking up only 1 rack unit (RU) with half space. Two ASP-MG2240’scan be mounted side-by-side in a standard 19” equipment rack. It provides an amazing feature set starting with two discrete amplified output channels for configuring two separate zone settings.

ASP-MG2240 Rear View

Each channel provides all of these technologies:

•Pink and white noise generator
•1/3 octavegraphic equalizerfor noise masking
•Line or mic level input with selectable phantom power
•Integrated mixer for noise generator, mic/line, and aux sources
•Feedback filter for mic/line source
•Daily time scheduler
•Separate 5-band graphicand limiter for aux source
•Ultra-efficient Class D amplifier technology
•Industry-proven masking presets
•Computer setup with backup and restore

ASP-MG2240 Mixer level view

ASP-MG2240 graphic equalizer (1/3 octave) View

ASP-MG2240 view time scheduler

ASP-MG2240 aux setting and 5-band equalizer view

ASP-MG2240 mic/line setting and 5-band equalizer view

The ASP-MG2240 also incorporates two AtlasIED innovations

•Push Here Diagnostics™(aka PHD)
With a press of a button, the ASP-MG2240 tests each output channels loudspeaker and cable wiring and automatically identifies any mismatches, shorts, or underpowered loudspeaker errors. It will report its status via the front LED indicators for each channel.

•Privacy Engage Circuit (aka PEC)
A LED visual sign and/or wall-mount trigger button can be connected to the ASP-MG2240. The trigger button can turn on or raise and lower the noise generator. It also lights up the LED visual sign.

AtlasIED Appoint of Matt Czyzewski as Executive Vice President

With the ASP-MG2240, a sound masking installation is easy to install and affordable for all types of applications. All you need is the ASP-MG2240, M1000 loudspeakers, and wire – it’s that simple.