AtlasIED Introduces New UL Listed Speakers for Fire Signaling and Alarms

Phoenix, AZ – AtlasIED continues to strengthen its presence and participation in the commercial security and audio-video marketplace with the introduction of four new UL 1480 certified speakers. The certification permits these speakers to be used in code required fire alarm systems (NFPA 72) for fire alarm and signaling.

The certification streamlines for security, AV, and IT contractors the process of bidding on jobs that require speakers used for fire alarm signaling purposes. The certification exempts contractors from having to file for a code variance when installing speakers to be used as part of a fire alarm system. By procuring any of the UL 1480 certified speakers in AltasIED’s TUC line dealers can adhere to code requirements for fire signaling while maintaining highly intelligible, quality audio. 

The TUC line includes two environment-resistant, surface-mounted speakers (SM82TUC-WH and SM82TUC-B). Available in black or white, the Strategy Series Surface Mount (SM) Loudspeakers can be configured for 70- or 100-volt installation and distributed sound applications. Full-range frequency response makes the speakers suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments.

Also comprising the UL 1480 certified TUC speaker offering are two in-ceiling coaxial speakers from AtlasIED’s Strategy line, the 6.5” FAP63TUC-W and the 4.5” FAP43TUC-W. Both speakers feature an improved waveguide design for wider coverage than previous models and a patent-pending Safety-First Mounting System (SFMS), which prevents mounting tab damage during installation and ensure that the speaker is mounted securely. No tools are required for installation, and multiple speakers can be easily daisy chained.

“Our new TUC line of UL 1480 certified loudspeakers signifies AtlasIED’s ongoing commitment to the commercial security industry as a leading provider of audio products that deliver critical emergency information and alerts,” says John Ivey, President at AtlasIED. “Featuring innovative technologies, these speakers offer security integrators a simple, affordable solution with a proven track record for reliable, intelligible, high-quality audio.”

AtlasIED’s powerful lineup of commercial audio and security solutions emphasizes functionality and exceptional audio fidelity—important attributes in commercial security environments. Installation ease is a hallmark of the entire product portfolio, offering integrators a solid base to reach markets including corporate, retail, healthcare, educational, and hospitality.

The newest TUC speakers are available now.