AtlasIED Adds Microphone Options to its Product Offering

AtlasIED Adds Microphone Options to its Product Offering

Phoenix, AZ (August, 2019) – AtlasIED is shipping two new microphones!

The M300-HH is a handheld wired cardioid mic and the M600-DT is a desktop gooseneck cardioid microphone. Both models reinforce the natural voice and require little to no EQ. They are ideal for use in applications including:

Speech Reinforcement
Live Vocal Performance
Corporate Facility
Educational Facility
Public Events
House of Worship
Mobile DJ

The AtlasIED M300-HH is a high quality, universal, vocal sound reinforcement cardioid dynamic microphone. The M300-HH features a frequency response of 50Hz-14kHz with a unidirectional design. A click free magnetic On / Off slide switch is provided, making it universal for most applications. 

The AtlasIED M600-DT is a high quality cardioid condenser gooseneck microphone for any podium or PA paging / announcement applications. It features a casted alloy base with rubber isolation, a slim flexible 16" neck, a latching press to talk switch with Active / On blue illumination indicator, and a high gain before feedback design that works well in most environments. The high sensitivity and wide frequency pickup allows for exceptional, clear sound quality.