SHS Ceiling Loudspeakers - the NEW Standard in Aesthetics & Technology

SHS Ceiling Loudspeakers - the NEW Standard in Aesthetics & Technology

In today’s commercial building designs, architects rank aesthetics as being a higher priority than performance. For ceiling loudspeakers, designers want them out of sight and out of mind, but also require great sound. AtlasIED is pleased to introduce its SHS Series, Strategically Hidden Loudspeaker, the first solution of its kind.

“This is truly a new innovation that will change how ceiling loudspeakers are perceived going forward,” states John Ivey, President of AtlasIED. “Architects spend years designing buildings and the ceiling is just as important as the rest of the structure. The SHS series is completely different with a focus on aesthetics. It blends into any architecture and virtually disappears into the environment. It’s a game changer.”

The SHS Series incorporates a radically different waveguide design than any other ceiling loudspeaker. Inside its concealed enclosure is a 2-way driver that provides high-definition sound. As the sound exits the two-way transducers, is passes through a patented adaptive dispersion lens for smooth and uniform frequency response throughout its intended ultra-wide coverage. Through years of research and design, its acoustic frequencies are radiated evenly, diffusing away bothersome “hot spots” common to standard loudspeakers which makes the SHS Series a great solution for paging and background music as well as sound masking applications.

Its concealed design is achieved by a new, patented waveguide design. Visually, only a 3-inch diameter lens and a micro trim ring are visible on the front of the ceiling. The dispersion lens can be easily painted or replaced with material matching the ceiling to make the SHS completely blend into the ceiling. AtlasIED can even high-resolution print onto the micro diffuser to match any color which allows the SHS to virtually disappear.

The Strategically Hidden loudspeaker with Adaptive Dispersion Lens Technology, offers the perfect solution for optimal form and function to transform any ceiling.

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