Tech for Safer Schools, a New Resource for Administrators of K-12 School Districts

Phoenix, AZ – AtlasIED, a global manufacturer of comprehensive audio and communications solutions for commercial environments, has launched a new microsite designed as a resource for school administrators, safety directors, and technology stakeholders who want to learn about solutions designed to assist in executing emergency preparedness plans, enhance the delivery of routine information, support successful student outcomes, and reduce teacher fatigue.

AtlasIED’s new Tech for Safer Schools microsite is a helpful tool for technology decision-makers, offering solutions to real-world challenges facing K-12 schools. The site identifies specific hardware, software, and complete, scalable communications platforms for classrooms, buildings, campuses, and entire districts, that seamlessly integrate with existing building systems such as security, access control, and fire alarms. Additionally, the FAQ & Resources section offers informative blogs, case studies, and a collection of answers to questions commonly asked by K-12 administrators about technologies to support building-wide safety plans, common school-day processes, and classroom instruction.

Often those who are tasked with finding the technology to upgrade legacy systems such as intercom, PA, and classroom audio amplification aren’t aware that these systems can marry in a more unified and future-resistant network-based system. This microsite aims to educate those in the difficult position of outlining modernization efforts so they can understand and ask about the technologies that may work best for their districts. It also walks them through the process of potentially identifying gaps in existing processes to strengthen the systems that support them.

AtlasIED Tech for Safer Schools | Audio and communications solutions

Visitors of the site are invited to input information about their current communications needs, from which AtlasIED can recommend specific solutions, suggest a proper system design, and connect them with the appropriate experts for additional assistance.

“Having a unified, intuitive, and effective communications system is vitally important to educational facilities to ensure the safety of students and staff and create a comfortable learning environment. As a provider of a broad range of audio and communications solutions, AtlasIED is committed to helping school administrators develop and implement successful communication technologies and systems to align with their existing processes and strategies,” says Michael Peveler, VP of Sales at AtlasIED. “AtlasIED has offered a variety of proven audio and communications systems for many years, but until now, there hasn’t been a dedicated site that explores the topic and introduces school administrators to options and applications dedicated to their needs.”

Visit to learn more about school communications technologies and connect with an AtlasIED expert who can assist with identifying the best solution for your specific needs.